Date: Monday June 10

Street Performance

Location: Zone 6, Library Corner (Queen and Main Sts)

Time: 1.15pm – 2.00pm

The Romans

A dynamic, well-established, 5-piece instrumental band from Melbourne that combines the spirit of jazz with the textures of groove, fusion and Latin.

The Romans presents a wealth of industry experience (See below), musicians who have performed with the likes of Stevie Wonder, George Benson and Bob Sedergreen. 

The band’s primary focus is to build on an already extensive repertoire of original tunes, most of which feature strong and palatable melodies. The band also performs a selection of iconic ‘fusion’ covers (e.g. The Yellow Jackets, Jeff Lorber, John Scofield).  These Icons have helped shape The Romans’ ‘sound’ and style which first and foremost reflects the  compositional style of the band’s leader.

Despite a core focus on original instrumental tunes, The Romans  regularly collaborates with domestic and international vocalists as part of its performances.

The Romans released its Album ‘To a Flame’ in 2022 and is set to release its second album in April 2024. This second album will include some exciting new original material – ‘Fanfare for the Frontline’, ‘Sydney Road Strutter’ and more.  The band is looking forward to showcasing these new tunes.