Venue: Tio Tapas Y Vino

Saturday 11th June, 2022 @ 1pm – 4pm

Sunday 12th June, 2022 @ 1.00 – 4pm

Monday 13th June, 2022 @ 1.00 – 4pm

(Free when wining & dining)

SENES Flamenco


Enjoy delicious Spanish Tapas while 2 Spanish Guitarists and Flamenco dancer whisk you away with their vivid, evocative and passionate sounds, as if dining at “el restaurante” on the Spanish coast.

Based in Melbourne Australia, SENES Flamenco Ensemble brings live flamenco dance & music performances to diverse audiences since 2011. Its central ideas are motivated by freedom for artists to express themselves through dance and music in an authentic, truthful manner and to connect with the public through the art of flamenco.

The ensemble aims to inspire cross-cultural understanding through sharing the art of flamenco music and dance. Working in conjunction with talented artists across diverse genres, it is dedicated to the development of multicultural performing arts and arts education in Australia.

Flamenco is a universal art, without a passport, without borders, just take your time to learn and understand the nature of this ancient culture .. ”

— Adrian Galia