Date: Sunday, 11th June, 2023

Venue: Bay Hotel in the Downstairs Bar

Time: 9.30pm – 12pm

Free event before 10.30pm ($10 cover charge after 10.30pm)

Olly & Scuzzi

Olly and Scuzzi have been Australia’s most in-demand musical duo over the last 20 years. What makes them a working success can be attributed to ticking so many of the right boxes of which their rivals can only tick a few. They are outstanding entertainers with diverse vocal range and musical abilities. Meticulous song selection is another key factor, combined with a big full ‘band like’ sound, and a warm openness to fans and venue staff are just a few examples of what makes this magically ‘Work’.

With years of experience together and a massive 3000 shows or more behind them, they have played just about every type of Pub, Club, Wedding, Engagement, or Corporate Function one can imagine. Notably, Olly and Scuzzi were chosen by Hamish and Andy to be the entertainment on their Melbourne to Darwin ‘Caravan of Courage’ tour, which resulted in a few live ‘on air’ performances on Fox FM and around Australia.

With a repertoire of over 500 songs covering so many musical genres, anything from Mumford & Sons to Pink to Frank Sinatra, there isn’t much they’re afraid to tackle.