Date: Sunday 12th June, 2023

Venue: Wowee Zowee

Time: 5.30 onwards

Free gig

Wowee Zowee & Rudy’s Fried Chicken presents



Jimmy Phoenix’s vocals are operatic in scope and have a gutsy folk Australiana tinge to them.

This takes the listener deep into sonic bliss territory. A landscape of formation that is noir, cinematic and unique, yet leaving you comfortably familiar.

Jimmy is the main songwriter/frontman for A Whale Called Phoenix and Gypsy Collector. 

AWCP comes from somewhere where the desert meets the sea and is dusted with a 70’s SoCAL vibe offering a strong sense of melody, engaging harmonies whilst also having something to say. 

This is then totally flipped to the dark brooding sounds of Gypsy Collector, futuristic with an industrial pulse.

His adaptability and being a lover of all music has also led him to tour with the folk supergroup Row Jerry Crow in their Keep The Circle Unbroken shows and singing with the likes of Kylie Aulist, Tim Rogers,Freya Josephine Hollick, Mick Thomas and many more.

Here’s what to expect

Known for a rich sense of melody and engaging lyrics. Front man for A Whale Called Phoenix.

AWCP are a five-piece indie, acoustic based band from Melbourne, pitched somewhere where the desert meets the sea. Forming in 2012 as a duo, life-long friends Jimmy (Phoenix) Pollock and Anthony Nero set out to record songs and music videos using their iPhones in an attempt to capture more “honest” sounds away from studio trickery. In 2014, the pair began playing live and unplugged in more and more unconventional settings – lounge rooms, backyards, record stores, warehouse parties, giant bean bag factories and in a two-man inflatable boat sailing down a water catchment drain in the middle of nowhere suburbia. In the summer of 2015, Nero and Phoenix took their sound to a string of pubs and bars in St Kilda where they would play to their wives, Jimmy’s mum and various house sound guys. Great times had by all! AWCP set upon the mysterious Heatherton Trail to find some extra magic to widen their sound. This came in the shape of long-time compadres Anthony ‘Quesadilla’ Casey on bass and …


Craig Johnston – Vox & Axe Jimmy Phoenix – Vox & Axe Anthony Casey – Vox & Bass George Rat – Skins Duncan Yardley – Violin