Date & Venue:

Sunday 9th June @ Boyz 4 Breakie

2pm – 4pm



SugaTree – winner of the 2018 New Celtic Talent of the Year and Celtic Song of the Year at the 2018 Australian Celtic Music Awards.

This Time – (Two Tails Publishing)
I’m guessing you won’t find many Americana, bluegrass, or celtic folk artists in Mornington Peninsula (Southeast of Melbourne), AUS, but this sumptuous six-year old trio of Natalie Parker, Ryan Pentland and Yanni Dellaportas meld all three style, with authenticity and aplomb. Throughout this debut full length (which follows their 2013 Motherland Ep), Parker’s playful penny whistle invokes Irish dances as it weaves around carefree acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, piano, strings and djembe. Meanwhile, Parker’s lovely-lilted expressive vocals and her two male mates’s huskier harmonies and sporadic leads, give their soulful, spiritual roots music a radio friendly, crossover pop appeal – see the contented “Eyoh”, admiring “As We Begin”, determined “This Time”, infatuated “Falling”, coquettish “Talk About It” and coveting “Fly Away”, each expressing romantic attachment in all its delightful and difficult phases

– The Big Takeover magazine – issue no 82