Date: Saturday June 8th, 2024

Venue: Mr Paul’s Wine and Beer

Time: 7.00pm

Pop/rock with influences of soul and jazz

Free entry



Marcelle is driven by an innate desire to engage. Blending authenticity with jagged theatrics, she invites listeners on a journey through her mind with every lyric, every note. Marcelle’s tracks are infused with an eclectic production style, where hard-edged live musicians meet melodic electronica.

Anchored by her own scarred reality yet immersed in theatrical fantasy, Marcelle is a storyteller of the deliciously rebellious kind.

Marcelle was once a singer defined by genre. Despite the depth of power and expression offered by traditional theatrical styles, she felt restricted and longed to speak her own mind, to create. She retains the potency of her past through a magnificent fusion of melodic electronica and hard-edged live musicians. Bitter and angry guitars marry seamlessly with strangely sumptuous synths in the same song. 

Unbounded, Marcelle is on an emphatic search for a sound where melody is king, production is powerful and image is theatrical. A tough task, but Marcelle is different. I make the path followed. She is on a journey to express the unique sound of an artist, where a song about pain should deliver pain, and a playful song should elicit play. No compromise or excuses.